Enel Cuore, such a big heart

Published on Thursday, 14 May 2020

“Dear Friends, as my role as Chairman of Enel comes to an end, so does my involvement with this extraordinary non-profit organisation. After six wonderful years, I am leaving my role as Chairman of Enel Cuore, proud to have contributed to the creation of many exciting projects, which helped to make the concept of sustainability, on which Enel founds its entire strategy, even more valuable and concrete. Since its launch 15 years ago, Enel Cuore has brought to life over 800 projects. These are a testament to its unswerving support for the local areas and communities with which Enel works each day, placing particular emphasis on the most vulnerable categories in our society: the elderly, struggling families and mothers, children and adolescents. Today, the association is at the frontline of the healthcare and social crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, and is working hard to strengthen our healthcare infrastructures, associations and the nation’s solidarity network. I am confident that by holding true to these values, Enel Cuore will continue to make its contribution to creating, together, the sustainable, equitable and inclusive society that we need more than ever today.”

– Patrizia Grieco