Between June 2004 and January 2007, the “A casa è meglio” project assisted 528 elderly people in six cities: Novara, Fiumicino, Messina, Savona, Livorno and Naples. In 2007, Enel Cuore’s additional contribution allowed to continue their activities in the first six cities and to extend the project to Catania, bringing the total number of elderly people who benefited from the programme to 678.
In 2008, the Sant’Egidio Community located a property of about 200 square metres in a central area of the city of Messina, where they intended to build a Multiservice Day Centre Elderly (Centro Diurno Anziani Multiservizi).

Thanks to Enel Cuore’s contribution, the property was purchased and can now offer the over 65 community various socialisation and integration activities, while providing legal and administrative assistance through a network of professionals who collaborate with the Community of Messina.
In 2011, Enel Cuore made an additional contribution, which allowed the Community of Sant’Egidio to extend the project to the elderly who reside in the areas of Frosinone, Naples (Rione Sanità) and L’Aquila, through two initiatives: “A casa è meglio” and “Viva gli anziani!”, an innovative and integrated, social and health intervention model. It has been active since 2004 through its local operators, creating a protection and monitoring network for the elderly – who are only partially self-sufficient, experience loneliness and live in poor housing conditions – allowing them to overcome critical situations. As many as 300 people aged over 75 benefited from the project in the province of Aquila (two or more towns in the province of L’Aquila), about 70-80 elderly in the municipality of Ferentino (FR) and 600 people in the city of Naples (Rione Sanità).