Housing Sociale is a social housing project that provides support for individuals experiencing social and economic difficulties.

The Housing Sociale initiative designed by the Consorzio per la Cooperazione e la Solidarietà di Firenze (Consortium of Social Cooperatives in Florence) is part of a social housing project, which consists in property requalification and social and economic support for individuals who live in disadvantaged social, employment and housing conditions and are experiencing difficult social and health conditions.


The project aims to provide solutions to housing problems, while forming a community that promotes social inclusion for disadvantaged people through organisational methods and tools that facilitate cohabitation and the proper functioning of a community.

In order to achieve this objective, Housing Sociale will build 16 temporary rent controlled housing units for specific social groups (temporarily experiencing housing issues) that have been selected by local social services, in order to support the individuals during their difficult social and housing conditions, so that each case may then be redirected and managed by regular social protection services.