Our goal is to develop an innovative and sustainable model of independent living for the people who will benefit from the project, by promoting the participation of the individuals in their living environment (eg. flexible housing, cohousing, social housing), with special attention to home automation, design and social context. This also includes assistance to the individuals’ families in the path toward independence and beginning a new job within the community.

How? By supporting the third sector in collaboration with the public body, in order to promote and implement concrete solutions for positive and active individual lifestyles for people with disabilities.

Who can participate in the call?

  • Volunteer organisations
  • Social development associations
  • Social cooperatives
  • Other non-profit organisations or associations with NPO characteristics
  • Social Enterprises

To participate, submit the attached form “Scheda Progettuale” to the email address enelcuore.onlus@enel.com by February 15, 2017.