Un Cuore in Stazione A Heart in the Station

The creation of the partnership has greatly reduced the fragmentation of efforts against homelessness, thereby defining a National Action Plan in order to identify critical issues that require intervention, possible solutions, and the resources and responsibilities held by each partner organisation.

The initiative has involved the following FS train stations:

Rome Termini:

  • The requalification of the Don Luigi di Liegro Hostel in Via Marsala, which has provided support and guidance in the process of social reintegration for the past 26 years, as well as shelter and a warm meal in the adjoining cafeteria.
  • Expansion of the “Binario 95” Day Centre through the creation of the “Centro Polivalente” multipurpose centre, featuring an Emergency Night Shelter with 18 beds, doubling the number of the individuals that receive shelter from 27 to 45-50 per day.

Milan Central Station
The restructuring of a space within Milan’s Central Station in order to create a new Caritas shelter. The Rifugio Caritas is a low-threshold shelter that offers homeless men an immediate response to an urgent need: to find shelter for the night. The centre is open from 6 p.m. (from 7 p.m. during summer months) to 8:30 a.m. and is open to men only (both Italian and foreign). The building was renovated to host 64 beds, laundry facilities, a dining area and a clinic.

Funds provided by Enel to build a clinic, laundry facilities, bathrooms and clothing collection points, as well as a cafeteria offering 20,000 meals a year.

The creation of the “Centro Polivalente” multipurpose centre with an emergency night shelter that can accommodate up to 30 people.

A motor home was purchased and equipped to host a “Mobile Help Centre”, in addition to a van to provide transport service to the actual centre for people in need.

The collaboration between FS, Enel Cuore and national associations has given way to the implementation of similar services in Catania, Messina, Turin, Melfi and Florence.

The project “Un Cuore in Stazione”, which received the patronage of the Vice President of the European Commission, has been presented in numerous international public events as an excellent example of partnerships within the territory.