The home will be built in Catania on a plot of 12,000 square meters that has been made available by the City of Catania.

With an area of 1,800 square meters, the house will also provide young guests and their families with a multipurpose area for various activities, in order to promote interaction and integration with the “outside world”.

In order to create the Home, the non-profit organisation has launched an international architectural competition which received 104 projects from all over Europe.

The winning design was proposed by the firm Studio Frontini Terrana Architects in Florence and consists of three main areas: WonderLad House with a reception, administration, rooms used for educational and recreational activities, as well as a kitchen with a dining area; WonderLad Rooms which includes six residences for families; WonderLad Social equipped with a multi-purpose hall, a versatile area for different types of activities.