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Our strongest energy is the energy of the heart.

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One million euros to the Emilia-Romagna Civil Protection Department

This amount was raised through donations made by Enel colleagues and with the support of Enel Cuore.
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Varcare la Soglia, beyond the difficulties of the post-pandemic crisis

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Issues of the heart

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The projects we support

The culture of education

Making the best use of talent, ability and skills to help children and young people grow and develop through projects in schools, integration and inclusion services, specific support pathways and cultural initiatives to fight school dropout rates and educational inequality.

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Integration and social autonomy

Training is key to accessing the world of work and the road towards social autonomy. In this context we support pathways to employment, empowerment and self-employment for people with disabilities, youngsters, women and vulnerable individuals.

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Poverty and social inclusion

Ensuring a dignified life for all through assistance and reception projects designed to overcome social exclusion and create inclusion opportunities for the older generation and people in extreme difficulty, single-parent families, minors and migrants.

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Safeguarding health

Ensuring that the most vulnerable have access to health services on the ground, supporting projects that facilitate access to treatment, improving and innovating structures and services, supporting patients’ families and caregivers’ day-to-day lives.

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