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We support the initiatives of non-profit organizations that operate in the context of social welfare for the wellbeing of people and communities, in Italy and in the countries where our Group is present.

To ensure that no one is left behind, we support projects with a substantial social impact concerning people in situations of vulnerability, in particular: the older generation, children, young people, the disabled, people with health issues, victims of gender violence, families and people experiencing financial hardship as well as migrants and refugees.

In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals we have organized our activities into four areas: the culture of education, integration and social autonomy, poverty and social inclusion, safeguarding health.

Supported projects
Million euros allocated

The culture of education

We promote access to fair and inclusive education for the new generations, in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal 4. In this context we support actions to ensure quality education because we believe that it is the basis on which to build a better future. Our commitment is directed in particular at initiatives to fight school dropout rates and educational inequality. The aim is to create conditions so that an ever-greater number of children and youngsters acquire the tools to nurture their talents and work towards achieving their dreams. 

Integration and social autonomy

We want to give new opportunities to those who are disadvantaged because of their social, economic, cultural, gender or health status, through training pathways that foster access to the world of work and that enhances individuals’ skills and qualities. In this context we support mentoring initiatives, reintegration into the world of work, on-the-job training and projects for self-employment. We also promote the empowerment of young people and women and the cultivation of professional skills in line with the evolution of the market.

Poverty and social inclusion

We guarantee a dignified existence to people who find themselves in conditions of poverty, a complex phenomenon that can lead to social as well as economic exclusion. For this reason we support organizations that work each day to provide frontline support and assistance services to adults in situations of extreme difficulty: actions to support single-parent families, initiatives to boost the autonomy of people with disabilities and “social housing” projects.

Safeguarding health

We facilitate access to quality treatments and promote the safeguarding of health as a primary right and an essential condition for the sustainable and fair development of communities. In this context our actions aim to ensure and facilitate the fruition of health services by those living in precarious situations. For this reason, we support projects to redevelop and innovate social and health services, such as: work involving construction, adaptation and hospital structures and the supply of medical equipment, training pathways for healthcare personnel, reception initiatives for patients’ families and support for caregivers.

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The Enel Group’s Open Power vision guides our work, and this makes listening one of our core values.

Having always been involved in social projects that support the third sector in Italy, today we want to be even more open: this contact channel serves to collect new project proposals to continue to generate value for people and communities on the ground.

Only by working together can we improve and build a sustainable future that leaves no one behind.

To submit your project, see this guide and follow the directions for submitting project proposals.


See our Guidelines to learn about areas of focus and how to evaluate new project proposals.

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To submit your project, fill in the form, which you can download at the following link, and email it to progetti.enelcuore@enel.com.

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