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Issues of the heart

We discuss social topics in depth in order to shine the spotlight on the real needs of people and communities.

We care about people: thanks to our Open Power approach, we have always been sensitive to social issues, supporting numerous initiatives by third sector organizations in Italy.

Social problems can affect a broad range of spheres, and the more vulnerable groups of the population: the older generation, children and teens, youngsters, women, the disabled, people with health issues, migrants and refugees.

Thanks to information, data and an open and inclusive attitude, we want to dig deeper into the social issues connected to the projects we support. We have been driving initiatives of this type all over the country since 2003, creating value for people and communities through collaboration with the key organizations in the third sector.

We want to turn the spotlight on social problems and people’s needs, with a particular focus on the following areas: the culture of education, integration and social autonomy, poverty and inclusion, and safeguarding health.

These are in fact the four areas in which we focus our day-to-day commitment by listening to the needs of non-profit organizations and helping volunteers and operators as part of a dedicated mission to support the community and leave no one behind. Within the challenging context of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, we have reinforced this commitment, proceeding tirelessly with targeted measures.

These areas include many topical social issues, such as:

  • school drop-out rates and educational inequality
  • quality education and training in schools
  • students with special learning needs and recreational therapies
  • bullying and cyber-bullying inside and outside schools
  • remote learning
  • helping young people, migrants and people with disabilities into employment
  • female empowerment
  • combating poverty and social exclusion
  • social housing
  • socially and economically disadvantaged single parent families and single mothers
  • homelessness
  • hospital and homecare for children, older generation and people with disabilities
  • cancer prevention

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