Issues of the Heart

We support projects of social solidarity to stay close to people and communities. With all the energy of our heart.

We care about people: thanks to our Open Power approach, we have always been active in social issues though our support of numerous activities directed by non-profit organizations in the charity and volunteer sector in Italy.

Social problems affect a range of settings and the most vulnerable groups in the population: the elderly, children and adolescents, the differently abled, the sick and families.

Using information, data and an open and inclusive approach, we aim here to provide more background to the social issues behind the projects that we support. These are initiatives that we have been promoting for over 15 years across the country, in order to create value for people and society in collaboration with groups in the non-profit sector.

This is a way to highlight the social issues that impact people in every age group and setting, in particular:

  • Children and adolescents: educational inclusion, special educational needs (SEN), bullying and cyberbullying, distance learning, disability, hospital care;

  • The elderly: home help, alleviating loneliness, help with food shopping, cohousing;

  • Families: single mothers with dependent children, hospital care, families in economic hardship, assistance for the disabled, cancer prevention;

  • Future generations: social inclusion, quality education, addiction rehabilitation, training schemes, recreational therapy.

These are the four areas where we focus our daily commitment, listening to the needs of non-profit organizations and partnering with volunteers and operators on a determined mission to keep our national community united and leave no one behind.

This commitment has been strengthened by unceasingly continuing its targeted interventions, even in the difficult context of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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