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Inauguration of the “Sacred Heart” Centre for the Elderly

Since our organisation was founded, we have always considered the elderly an important part of the population that embodies the Memory, Identity and Roots that lie at the base of society as a whole, as well as present and future generations.

We are therefore proud to have participated in a project that is fueled by the energy and enthusiasm of the elderly.

The Home “Sacro Cuore” will be inaugurated in Capua on May 20th.

With our 120,000 Euro contribution, this centre for the elderly was renovated to open its doors to the elderly every day, from morning to evening, welcoming a population that is considered a resource that must be valued and supported through cultural and recreational activities, as well as social interaction.

Their positive attitudes and professionalism are the pillar of a centre that embraces their full participation and involvement in a self-help project that allows them to become useful to themselves and to others.

The centre organises recreational and social activities aimed at building their independence, as well as offering social secretarial services and guidance for the elderly, cultural activities, workshops, fitness classes for seniors and self-help/mutual aid initiatives.

Throughout the day, the volunteers provide personalised guidance for each of the guests, working together to adapt the centre, times and facilities to their needs and to develop a series of activities and initiatives.

The Centre features a series of large spaces, including multipurpose rooms, a courtyard and a garden that are open to all individuals, in order to help build a strong social fabric that interacts with the community, encouraging the integration of the elderly with the local community city and among themselves.