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Inauguration of the Don Tonino Bello Centre

A new home was born right in the centre of the city of Salerno.

On June 24th, a shelter promoting the social integration of the homeless was inaugurated, thanks to the Association “Don Giovanni Pirone”, giving way to the “Don Tonino Bello” Centre: a home with twenty-four beds offering shelter to the “invisible population”.

In addition to the beds and bathrooms, the centre also houses a medical clinic, a soup kitchen, a laundry and ironing room and a recreational area for the guests. It also has a carpentry and pottery workshop that aims to promote the social and occupational reintegration of the new shelter’s guests.

The “Don Tonino Bello” centre is more than just a place that offers clean beds and a warm meal. It is a place where guests can reclaim the dignity that they may sometimes believe to have lost when struggling through difficult situations. It is a place that helps them restore trust in themselves, a place to meet and share ideas, through targeted reintegration programmes, under the supervision of the social assistance team.

Enel Cuore contributed to this great project by working alongside other institutions that have decided to make a donation to help build the Centre.