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The Creation of WonderLAD

WonderLAD. It almost sounds like “Wonderland” and that’s precisely what it is.

It is a house under construction in Catania that offers all the warmth of the Sicilian island. Once the home is built, the new structure will welcome children with serious illnesses, so that they can live peaceful moments along with their families.

On Friday, July 15, we traveled to Catania to see the construction of this new centre: the first 748 square meters reflect the idea that is behind what is one of the most important third sector projects in southern Italy.

Along with Enel Cuore on this journey is LAD Onlus and the mayor of Catania Enzo Bianco, who strongly believed in the WonderLAD project, along with all the others involved, who immediately supported the project, contributing to the restoration of the building and making the creation of this structure possible: Casa OzFondazione Vodafone Italia,Fondazione BNLFondation Alta Mane GinevraFondazione AngeliniIkeaLinea Light, Nixima, Sheraton Catania. An important contribution was also made by Ance CataniaCanducci GroupFondazione Maria Grazia Cutuli, VeluxENEL Green Power.

We once again observed how the synergy that is created among organisations and the power of the territory are able to create important projects that help make dreams come true for the children whose wellbeing is the number one priority.

As Managing Director of Enel Cuore Andrea Valcalda confirmed:

“We decided to support a project that aims to alleviate the suffering of children and to strengthen the special bond between Enel Cuore and WonderLAD. The children of today are our future, which means we should always support them, especially in difficult times such as those of a disease. The goal is to give children the chance to participate in creative and recreational activities, while giving their parents the necessary support and assistance during an such a difficult time”.