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Policies for unaccompanied minors: EPIM’s call for proposals

Never Alone, for a possible tomorrow. Reception and accompaniment of foreign unaccompanied minors and youth who arrive in Italy”, born by the initiative of eight Italian foundations, is part of a European program coordinated by EPIM (European Programme for Integration and Migration) to promote initiatives in Italy, Greece, Germany and Belgium.

It is a joint effort to support innovative solutions for the reception, integration and support to adulthood of unaccompanied foreign minors. Also, it wants to help create greater awareness on issues related to young migrants, both in public opinion and in the European Institutions, by promoting specific policies to deal with this situation, which is now structural and not an emergency anymore. That’s why it requires proper actions.

EPIM launched a 150.000 euro call for proposals to support advocacy actions and effective communication for the unaccompanied minors’ situation. The call is addressed to partnerships between European organizations.

Expiration date is November 2016, the 11th.