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Fare Scuola: Italian Schools Take on a New Face

There are projects that change the face of existing spaces, transforming them and putting them at the service of the community. That is precisely the objective of Fare Scuola – a project carried out by Enel Cuore together with Reggio Children Foundation – by combining architecture and education, improving and giving new life to schools, and fostering innovation and sustainability.

As many as 60 schools throughout Italy are involved in the project.

The most recent school to have benefited from the initiative is the Istituto Comprensivo 70° Marino in Santa Rosa di Ponticelli, a nursery/primary school inaugurated on November 7.

The 122 preschool children and 336 primary school students will have access to large, bright spaces, decorated with sculptures of a home in the two main halls, worktops and projection areas, a corridor connecting the two main halls with a large sign telling the stories and experiences of the young students.

The key word of these initiatives, which were made possible through the design of the Gambardella Architetti architecture firm, is “connection”: Connection to places that were once disconnected and empty, and which have now become actual workshop and exhibition spaces for children and their teachers.

Outside of the building stands a work of art, the colour of the Mediterranean Sea, symbolising change, innovation and improvement in the daily lives of the students, teachers and school management.

For further information on the November 7th inauguration, read the attached press release.