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Project "Viva gli Anziani" Reaches Naples.

"Fondaco della Solidarietà" was inaugurated in the heart of the San Lorenzo district yesterday in Naples, offering a meeting place for the neighbourhood’s elderly population, as well as a support centre with qualified volunteers and professional operators.

“Fondaco della solidarietà” is a complex situated in the courtyard of a historic building. An adult day care centre and two small apartments were built within the structure, giving disadvantaged seniors at high risk of social isolation a place to live. The building also hosts the Operations centre of the project "Viva gli anziani", an active monitoring programme that reaches over 1600 seniors aged over 80.

“Viva gli Anziani! Una città per gli anziani, una città per tutti” (Long Live the Elderly! A city for the elderly, a city for everyone) is a project that was born in 2004 from a collaboration between the Sant'Egidio Community and Enel Cuore. Over the years, the programme has provided social and homecare services to seniors struggling with solitude and isolation, helping them stay in their homes and neighbourhoods and developing an innovative and integrated form of home-based intervention. The project aims to improve health indicators, access to and use of social and health services, and reduce the risks associated with critical events.