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Enel Cuore and Treccani, together to support distance learning


Enel Cuore and Fondazione Treccani Cultura have come together to support distance learning: the Enel Group’s charitable organisation is supporting the Strade Maestre project, which provides tools to support pupils, teachers and schools through the Treccani Scuola digital platform, facilitating distance learning and online interaction which are becoming increasingly widespread due to the Covid-19 emergency.

The platform is free to use at school or remotely on computers, tablets and smartphones, and offers innovative services and certified content in addition to access to a constantly updated digital archive, packed with resources selected and guaranteed by Treccani, which can be used in an immersive learning environment based on principles of sharing, exchange and aggregation.

“Our agreement with Treccani enables us, especially in such a complex period as the one we are currently experiencing, to provide a tangible contribution to reducing school drop out rates and exclusion”, explained Francesco Starace, Enel Cuore Advisor and Enel CEO. “With Strade Maestre, we will indeed offer a free, accessible and interactive tool to support educational activities for pupils, using digital learning content guaranteed by Treccani. This ties in with Enel Cuore’s ongoing commitment to supporting education as one of the fields that most require an investment to ensure new generations grow to be aware and proactive people with a developed social conscience”.

“Since 1925, Treccani has accompanied the history of our country, to the point it has become a systematic testimony to Italian cultural identity”, explained Massimo Bray, General Manager of Treccani. “For this reason, since the very start of the health emergency, thanks to the collaboration between Treccani and the Ministry of Education, we have felt it appropriate to dedicate our efforts to ensuring that teachers and pupils in Italian schools have the opportunity to use the Treccani Scuola digital educational platform for free. And today more than ever, with the Strade Maestre project and Enel Cuore, we are sure that we can make an even more incisive contribution to highlighting the value of culture and of the community that, coming together around it, can bring the most solidary and sensitive parts of the country to work as a system”.

The “Strade Maestre” project branches out into five specific pathways (the name of the project itself is inspired by the idea of these “main roads”): inclusion, accessibility, sharing, collaboration and in-depth study. New tools to ensure everyone can participate and enjoy the right to learn, also from a distance.

A group of teachers selected by Treccani – the online Maestri – will be on hand to provide pupils with a free, on-demand service to support them study. The lessons will take place in a virtual classroom, where it will be possible to discuss subjects, resolve any difficulties that may have emerged over the past few months and work together to boost confidence and motivation.

Specific tools for interactivity will also be available on the platform, including a system for comments and feedback on the educational content, and a community in which teachers and pupils from all over Italy can interact, share material and good practices.

For students with specific reading and learning difficulties, new tools to help bridge these gaps will be provided, such as magnified text, notes and text summaries, enabling more effective independent study.

Experts from the Treccani scientific community will create short lessons to be added into multimedia plans, which will be available at any time and can be shared with the classes, with in-depth sessions dedicated to specific topics in literature, science, history, art history and foreign languages. Furthermore, more than 100 videos using graphic animation will be created to explain specific words, selected as reference points for pupils to find their bearings in the contemporary world.

To help the students preparing for the final state exam, interactive tests with immediate feedback have been created to provide a useful tool for distance assessment. A monitoring system will allow teachers to verify their classes’ progress in the various tests, keeping track of any potential gaps in their knowledge and of their progress over time.


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