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Enel: over 2 million donated through internal fundraising for social solidarity initiatives


The internal fundraising campaign launched by Enel in favour of Enel Cuore Onlus to support specific social initiatives related to the COVID-19 emergency promoted by non-profit organizations has concluded with over 1 million euros in donations from employees, managers and board members. The amount raised will be matched by Enel Cuore Onlus, bringing the total donation to over 2 million euros to five associations for specific projects to protect the weakest segments of the population during this phase of recovery and reintegration into the relevant social contexts. 

The donors had the opportunity to support and choose projects promoted by five organizations: the Community of Sant'Egidio ACAP OnlusCaritas Italiana, the Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicap (FISH), the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation and the National Federation of Orders for Nursing Professions (FNOPI).  

Support for the "Health Emergency 2020 - Long Live Elderly Program" project of the Community of Sant'Egidio ACAP Onlus aims to strengthen the program, which is already active and aimed at supporting the elderly through home care services. It provides for daily needs in order to limit the elderly's need to leave the home (shopping and meals delivered, along with prescriptions and medicines, the distribution of basic necessities, transport/accompaniment service for urgent and mandatory appointments).

Support for the project promoted by Caritas Italiana is aimed at combating the health, social and economic emergency of people living in situations of extreme poverty, responding to their food needs through the network of "Solidarity Emporiums" - material aid services for families in economic difficulty - and the distribution of primary goods (food, household products, hygiene products) to allow them to promptly resume operations in favour of families experiencing difficulties. 

Support for the project "COVID-19 Per le persone con disabilità insieme si può!” (COVID-19 Together for people with disabilities!) promoted by the Italian Federation for Overcoming Handicap (FISH) will include a series of integrated interventions aimed at limiting the effects of the emergency caused by the COVID-19 epidemic and the post-emergency consequences, which are even more serious and pose a greater impact for people with disabilities. In particular, the donation will ensure the continuation of drug therapy and rehabilitation services, including psychological support for individuals as well as families and continuing activities related to daily life (teaching, food supply). 

Support for the project to combat food poverty promoted by the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation is aimed at guaranteeing the supply of charities and families through the strengthening of the Foundation's food distribution network, especially in the central-southern part of Italy, with the recruitment of new staff, the acquisition of temporary warehouses, the purchase of PPE, the implementation of ordinary and extraordinary sanitation works and the purchase of fuel for vehicles transporting food. 

Aid for the establishment of the solidarity fund to support all the nurses and families involved in the health emergency, promoted by the National Federation of Orders for Nursing Professions (FNOPI). In particular, the fund is intended to: (1) provide physical and psychological support for the full recovery of nurses who became ill in the course of their work; (2) provide financial and psychological support for nurses who have been forced into quarantine after having contracted the virus; (3) provide financial and social support for the families of nurses who have fallen victim to the virus. 

The internal crowdfunding campaign is one of the measures implemented by Enel in Italy to address the epidemiological emergency, in continuity with the 23 million allocated by Enel Cuore to support the projects identified thanks to dialogue and continuous coordination with the Italian Civil Protection and national and regional institutions. Special focus was placed on initiatives aimed at countering the health emergency, supporting health facilities and supporting the recovery phase.