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Cittareale: Enel Cuore and Fondazione Reggio Children upgrade the kindergarten and primary school


The Benedetto Barberi in Cittareale kindergarten and primary school were relocated to a building complex erected in the aftermath of the 2016 earthquake. Now, it is even closer to fulfilling children’s needs and desire to explore the world.

Thanks to the new renovation work by FARE SCUOLA – the project spearheaded by Enel Cuore Onlus, the Enel Group’s charitable organization, and Fondazione Reggio Children – the multi-purpose classroom of the school complex received an upgrade and the building’s outer courtyard was turned into a more stimulating and creative setting that allows for outdoor activities, while fully respecting anti-COVID safety practices.

The inauguration of the new spaces took place at the beginning of the new school year in the presence of the Mayor of Cittareale Francesco Nelli, the Headmistress and teacher Annamaria Renzi, and the representative of Enel’s Institutional Affairs for Central Italy Marcello Sensoli

“With this new initiative, we wanted to provide a concrete contribution to facilitate the return to normality of a community that was hit hard by the terrible earthquake of 2016. It’s a sign of hope for children: the new learning environments created in collaboration with the local administration and Fondazione Reggio Children give kids an additional way to stimulate their curiosity and create inclusive relationships,” stated Filippo Rodriguez, Managing Director of Enel Cuore.

The existing furnishings in the multi-purpose classroom were upgraded to support exploration and discovery and to improve interactions and relationships between students and teachers. Funhouse mirrors, painting easels, and large pillows were added to the room, while the outer courtyard was set up with “squares” with benches and garden beds, creating a space for social exchanges and exploration.

FARE SCUOLA is a project promoted by Enel Cuore and Fondazione Reggio Children with the aim of improving the quality of school premises – seeing them as environments that should facilitate learning and social interaction – in kindergartens and primary schools across Italy. The project pairs Fondazione Reggio Children’s pedagogical experience with Enel Cuore’s knowledge of the contexts of social hardship.