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Fenix 2: the path of social and economic reintegration of minors and young people.


Life coaching paths, one-to-one tutoring, training experiences in thermohydraulics and mechanics are the main activities of Fenix 2, the project that ELIS Center Association, with our support, makes available to minors and young children in conflict with the law, in charge of the Social Service Office for Minors in Rome. 

Fenix 2’s objectives can be summarized in four: reduce juvenile deviance and juvenile crimes; encourage their reintegration into society thanks also to the active involvement of families; promote positive and behavioral models that are also an example to the outside; guarantee young people a professional training consistent with the needs of the labor market.

Filippo Rodriguez, Managing Director of Enel Cuore Onlus, expressed himself on the importance of this last point during the event on the last 29th of April where, at the Elis headquarters, we celebrated the end of the workshops: “the Fenix project is important for at least three fundamental reasons: the first is that the current job market is in great need of these skills and, instead, there is a strong lack of these skills. The second, even more important, is that we did not just teach a trade to the children who took part in the Fenix project, but we taught them a "method": compliance with training schedules, attention and care in organizing the training activity also to ensure safety in the workplace, sharing with the partner who also becomes a "work" colleague and the relationship established with teacher trainers; these are all aspects that they have experienced and that they will also replicate in their personal life."

Again in Rodriguez's words, the third reason is that the beneficiaries of this project are not only the young participants but also all the figures involved: from the operators of the Department for Juvenile Justice and the Social Service Office for Minors in Rome, to the young university tutors of LUMSA who were present in the peer-to-peer education activity and it is also for this reason that we at Enel Cuore we supported this project with great conviction.

“Enel Cuore has always been committed to supporting people in situations of hardship and fragility and it’s a great honor for us to have contributed to the realization of the second edition of the Fenix project. Precisely the positive outcome of the first edition led us with conviction to support the second to encourage the social reintegration of 20 other young people for whom the judge ordered the suspension of the sentence with probation, as an alternative measure to detention.” Also said Rodriguez.

The results obtained: 20 minors and young adults between 14 and 25 years old who acquired new skills10 training internships started and the risk of crime relapse decreased by 90%.