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Piccole Cime Crescono

The Seed Exchange Festival.



On Sunday, May the 22nd, 2022, the event “Piccole Cime Crescono - The National Festival of Seed Exchange” will take place at the Marcelline Institute Sunday 22 May 2022, the event will take place at the Marcelline Institute (Viale Otranto 67, Lecce), a moment of meeting within the Apulian Biodiversity Week, between the Primary School Institutes that were the first to join the food education project, "Piccole Cime Crescono", institutional and educational exponents as active subjects in protection and promotion of biodiversity and citizenship as a whole.

The party comes at the end of an educational path designed for the little ones, following the construction of an educational garden, where the "small turnip greens" have been coordinated over the months by educators and farmer Cime di Rapa. The party is an opportunity to explore issues related to the agri-food chain, the environmental impact on communities and on the territory and above all to exchange seeds: this gesture will allow, next school year, to put new ones back into cultivation, in the gardens of the institutes that will take part in the project, thus guaranteeing the natural turnover, in a basic principle of rotation and dynamism of the earth.

Cime di Rapa Education enters schools because they represent the privileged place to carry out an indispensable preventive action through Food Education initiatives aimed at younger generations. The school is the place to promote the acquisition of knowledge and skills relating to health risk factors and to support the development of healthy lifestyles, in order to activate healthy and sustainable eating habits.

Cime di Rapa Education project follows the directives of law 92/2019 concerning "The introduction of school education in civic education" and the Ministerial Decree 35 of June the 22th 2020 (Guidelines for teaching civic education), which indicate as a priority the development of specific skills related to sustainable development, environmental education, knowledge and protection of heritage and the territory, in line with the objectives set by the UN 2030 Agenda.

As part of this education-related event, "Cime di Rapa 4.0" will be presented through the voice of the protagonists, a project supported by the CON IL SUD Foundation and Enel Cuore Onlus, with a strong social, economic and agri-food impact.

CON IL SUD Foundation is a private non-profit organization born from the alliance between foundations of banking origin and the world of the third sector and the voluntary sector to promote the development of the South through the promotion of social cohesion paths. The Foundation supports "exemplary" interventions for the education of children to legality and to combat early school leaving, to enhance young talents and attract "brains" to the South, for the protection and enhancement of common goods (culture, environment, social reuse of assets confiscated from mafias), for the qualification of social and health services, for the integration of immigrants, to promote community welfare. In 14 years it has supported over 1,300 initiatives, directly involving 6,300 organizations and about half a million citizens, especially young people, providing a total of 245 million euros. In 2016, the social enterprise "Con i Bambini" was born, fully owned by the Foundation.

Enel Cuore Onlus is the non-profit organization of the Enel Group that supports projects and initiatives with a strong impact on communities and the territory. Interventions carried out in collaboration with Third Sector organizations, divided into four areas: culture and education of children and adolescents, work placement and social inclusion of people with frailty, autonomy paths for people with disabilities, fight against social poverty and protection of health of the elderly. Actions aimed at present and future generations through projects aimed at people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest and in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, for a development model that creates inclusive and equitable value. Like our energy.


Viviana Scannicchio talks about the Cime di Rapa project: watch the video