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“IRC for welfare”: a Croce Rossa Italiana project with Enel Cuore Onlus to support the most vulnerable people and to fight new forms of poverty

100 branches opened and 5 street units upgraded.


Rome, October 27th 2022 - Improving the quality of life of the people most exposed to the health and socio-economic consequences of the historical period we are experiencing, respond to their needs and sustain the most vulnerable groups in a social fragility condition, like families and young people, ancient, homeless and those who live in conditions of extreme marginality and poverty. This is the “IRC for welfare” aim, the project presented today in Rome in the national headquarters of Croce Rossa Italiana (IRC) by Francesco Rocca, IRC President, and Michele Crisostomo, Enel and Enel Cuore Onlus President. The project led to the opening of 100 new Social Helpdesks in the regions of Central and Southern Italy and to the strengthening of 5 Street Units in Bari, Cagliari, Naples, Palermo and Rome. The initiative, realized by Croce Rossa Italiana with the support of Enel Cuore, the Onlus of Enel Group, is an integral part of the IRC “Time of Kindness” program, a set of activities aimed at improving the physical and psychological well-being of those most in need.

“I thank Enel Cuore for supporting this initiative which will allow us to always be present in the territories and ready to support the people most affected by the effects of Covid-19. Pandemic - explained Francesco Rocca, Croce Rossa Italiana President - today still has serious consequences in the life of large sections of the population and has generated new forms of poverty in front of which we want to be ready. With all our strength, with the passion and commitment of our Volunteers who, as they have done since the beginning of this serious emergency, literally threw their hearts over the obstacle.”

“Enel Cuore’s mission is to be at the service of communities through concrete interventions capable of responding to the needs of those who live in conditions of fragility and vulnerability - has declared Michele Crisostomo, Enel and Enel Cuore President - and it is precisely with them in mind that today we’re pleased to announce our support for “IRC for welfare”: the initiative which, thanks to the strengthening of the garrisons in the area, will allow the volunteers of Croce Rossa Italiana to welcome with even more strength and dedication the needs of people who suffer more than others from the health consequences of the post-pandemic period and the current social economic context.”

Enel Cuore is the onlus of Enel Group which sustains initiatives and projects with a strong impact on communities and the territory. Intervention carried out in collaboration with Third Sector organizations, divided into four areas: children and adolescents’ culture and education, job placement and social inclusion of people with fragility, autonomy paths for people with disabilities, combating social poverty and protecting the health of the elderly. Actions aimed at present and future generations through projects aimed at people of all ages, from the youngest to the oldest in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for an inclusive and equal development model that creates value. Like our energy.

Croce Rossa Italiana is a non-profit association, of public interest and auxiliary to public authorities in the humanitarian sector. The main objective of IRC is to prevent and alleviate the human suffering impartially, without distinction of nationality, race, sex, religious and political belief. It works for the protection of health and supports activities and projects aimed at training and information on correct lifestyles, health education and first aid practices. Furthermore, Croce Rossa Italiana is part of the national civil protection system. It works and strives to train communities and ensure an effective and timely response during national and international emergencies. IRC, which has more than 160.000 volunteers in 680 Committees, is the largest Association in Italy and is part of the International Movement of the Croce Rossa and Mezzaluna Rossa with more than 14 million volunteers worldwide.