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A unique experience to fight educational inequalities from adolescence: the new Base Camp is born in Catanzaro.


The new Base Camp in Catanzaro will be open on the 25th January 2023, at 10:30 p.m.: a multifunctional space aimed to contrast educational inequalities and to make social-cultural opportunities grow for boys and girls from 12 to 17 years old.

Building a unique training experience, listening to young people focusing the attention on their needs and desires.

The Base Camp path enriches itself with the opening of the new garrison of the national network, coordinated by CESIE, hosted at the premises of the Petrucci - Ferraris - Maresca Higher Institute, in Santa Maria di Catanzaro district, and coordinated at the territorial level Centro Calabrese di Solidarietà.

Catanzaro Base Camp proposes itself as a didactic and educational outpost for the entire sud-area of the city, an educational and recreational space dedicated to girls and boys. A friendly, dynamic, multicultural and comfortable ambient, easily adaptable to the needs and desires of the girls and boys who live it daily.

Thanks to the many activities started from February 2022 in the school’s areas, Catanzaro Base Camp plays a central role in the contrast of inequalities and educational poverty, realizing personalized education, cultural animation and digital citizenship courses entrusted to a multidisciplinary and professional team.

Catanzaro Base Camp involved the local area and young people in a co-planning process of the premises accompanied by the architect Caterina Scarpino. A significant space for study and growth transformed into an educational facility, fundamental to fill the lack of services for adolescents in an area with a high rate of dispersion and school dropout.

The participation in activities and services is totally free: a garrison not only open to male and female students of the reference school, but also to other schools, to the local area and to families, to build together an educating community capable of attention, care and commitment.

The new Catanzaro Base Camp will be inaugurated on Wednesday, January 25th 2023, at 10.30 a.m. at the premises of the Petrucci - Ferraris - Maresca di Catanzaro Higher Education Institute in via Conti di Loritello, 17. The event will be attended by the representatives of the partner institutions, lenders and institutions.


Event Agenda

Institutional greetings:

  • Giusi Princi – Vice-President of the Calabria Region with responsibility for education
  • Amedeo Mormile – President of the Province of Catanzaro
  • Nicola Fiorita – Mayor of Catanzaro
  • Elisabetta Zaccone – Dirigente Scolastica dell’IIS “Petrucci-Maresca-Ferraris”
  • Rossella Sirianni – Enel - Institutional Affairs Calabria
  • Mariapaola Pietracci Mirabelli – Social enterprise Con i Bambini’s Institutional activities


Interventions of:

  • Tiziana Giordano – CESIE, National Coordinator of the Base Camp project
  • Isolina Mantelli – President of the Calabrian Center of Solidarity
  • Claudio Falbo – Calabrian Center of Solidarity, Territorial Coordinator Catanzaro Base Camp
  • Michelangelo Pecoraro - President of the Laudes Association
  • Alessandro Greco – Trainer of MED - Italian Association of Media Education


The event will be live streamed on Base Camp Facebook page.


About Base Camp

Base Camp - Territorial Educational Garrison is an innovative educational project aimed to contrast inequalities and educational poverty between young people from 12 to 17 years old.

Born from the experience gained between 2019 and 2021 by the Laudes, Parsec, Dedalus and CESIE with Base Camp for Future Education organizations, the project consolidates the historical network of partners, strengthens the Base Camps activated in Palermo, Naples and Rome and inaugurates a new one in Catanzaro, coordinated by the Calabrian Center of Solidarity.

Base Camp - Territorial Educational Garrison is a project supported by Enel Cuore and Social enterprise Con i Bambini, under the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty.

The project has been selected by Social enterprise Con i Bambini under the Fund for the fight against child educational poverty. The Fund was born from an agreement between the foundations of banking origin represented by Acri, the National Forum of the Third Sector and the Government. It supports interventions aimed at removing the economic, social and cultural obstacles that prevent the full use of educational processes by minors.To implement the programs of the Fund, the social enterprise Con i Bambini was born in June 2016, a non-profit organization wholly owned by the CON IL SUD Foundation.



  • CESIE, responsible entity
  • IMS Regina Margherita, Base Camp Palermo headquarters
  • Calabrian Center of Solidarity
  • IIS Petrucci – Ferraris – Maresca, headquarters of Base Camp Catanzaro
  • Dedalus social cooperative
  • ICS R. Bonghi, sede Base Camp Napoli
  • Parsec social cooperative
  • Aristofane Classical and Linguistic High School, Base Camp Rome headquarters
  • Lauds Association
  • MED, Associazione Italiana per l’Educazione ai Media e alla Comunicazione
  • Vito Fazio-Allmayer National Foundation
  • Municipality of Palermo
  • Municipality of Catanzaro
  • Municipality of Naples
  • Municipality of Rome