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Atena Donna: the Atena Together’s path in the women’s housing complex goes on thanks to the collaboration with Enel Cuore


The Atena Together path continues to bring prevention and screening in women’s housing complex, developing on the national territory thanks to the protocol signed by the Atena Donna President, Carla Vittoria Maria, with the Ministry of Justice and the DPA (Department of Penitentiary Administration), chaired by Dr. Giovanni Russo.

Information on the importance of prevention and screenings for various female pathologies are provided during each meeting with women.

The project is supported by Enel Cuore, the Enel Group Onlus which supports projects and initiatives of great impact for communities and the territory, and it is made possible by the availability of doctors and technicians involved by the Foundation, and in particular by the President Carla Vittoria Maria.

During February Atena Donna will be busy with a double date: in the women’s prison of Verona Montorio directed by Dr. Francesca Gioieni, where the first meeting will be motivational, with the intervention of the psychologist and psychotherapist Salvo Noè. The second appointment will be held in the female prison of Trani, in agreement with the Director Giuseppe Altomare, where dermatological screening will be carried out by Prof. Nistico’, which will also explain the importance of keeping one’s moles under control.

The making of the documentary “La quinta stanza” is being planned in the structure of Pozzuoli, directed by Dr. Maria Luisa Palma, where the work of Wellness-Groups is going on in collaboration with the medical staff of the housing complex, on the initiative of Prof. Landolfi, haematologist internist professor at the Sacro Cuore University of Rome and of the President Maria, during the first meeting organized by Atena moderated by the journalist and presenter of the Rai Check-up Luana Ravegnini. The project themes focus on the knowledge of correct lifestyles, which increases the ability to take care of oneself and favors an improvement in health and quality of life, and on the promotion of relational and listening skills with a view to mutual aid.

“The synergy with Enel Cuore is truly precious for our project - says Carla Vittoria Maria, Designer and President of Atena Donna - and will allow us to reach many of the women’s institutes in Italy, allowing an information, prevention and screening action dedicated to restricted women and police women who work inside prisons, which aims to support the activity of the National Health Service. Our goal has always been to promote the personal well-being and health of all women, especially the most fragile ones.”