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Fil Rouge project: presentation press conference


On Thursday the 4th of May, at 6 p.m., a press conference will be held to present the FIL ROUGE project, supported by  Fondazione CON IL SUD and Enel Cuore Onlus, promoted by the Levèra Association, the leader of a partnership between the associations Programma Sviluppo of Taranto, A.D.U. Avvocati per i Diritti Umani, ACLI Provincial Headquarters of Lecce, the Social Cooperatives L'Aurora and Officina Creativa and the Municipality of Galatina.

The event, which will be organised at Levèra's headquarters in via Bellini 24 in Noha di Galatina (Le), will illustrate to the press, the mayors of the surrounding area, local textile companies and the entire citizenry the details of a social emancipation project that has the specific objective of supporting fragile women, particularly those who are victims of violence and abuse, by helping them build their independence through work.

FIL ROUGE is a sartorial and design project that emphasises the concepts of social and environmental sustainability and, thanks to the strong and nourished partnership, has the ambitious goal of making Levèra a work incubator in a confiscated mafia property, making the redemption of legality over criminality more and more concrete.

A theoretical and practical training course will provide women in difficulty and victims of situations of subjection with the tools to start an autonomous activity that will restore their dignity and independence. This will enhance their skills and creativity by providing space, equipment, raw materials, know-how, tax, legal and motivational advice, and by encouraging the formation of cooperatives to solidarise individual experiences and make them stronger through mutual support.

A small cutting, sewing and embroidery atelier where the courage of women who want to rise above their difficult experiences will give life to eco-friendly clothes and accessories.

The fabrics will be processing waste, donated by national textile companies and made available by Officine Creative, which will be transformed into a mix of colours, into original creations to be marketed in an environmentally friendly way.

"Waste" and "discard" are sewn together to overcome cultural, physical and linguistic barriers, thus activating a real process of local change. What is discarded from production processes and is no longer useless, re-enters the creative process regaining functionality and design, with a view to sustainability and respect for the environment. 

"We have imagined Levèra becoming the physical and narrative place where skills, creativity, relationships and craftsmanship will mix and sew together and give life to a new brand where the narration of ancient knowledge will be combined with innovation - explains Roberta Forte, Levèra's board member and project manager. - Fil Rouge aims to enhance craftsmanship and turn it into a productive activity that generates employment and promotes the territory. In addition to providing work placements, we will set up a type b social cooperative, a real social tailor's shop within the confiscated property, able to stand autonomously on the market through the creation of a brand and a catalogue to sell the products made, emulating the ten-year experience of the 'Made in Carcere' brand.”

The project will promote the rediscovery of 'new' trades that are born and live only thanks to small businesses and that risk disappearing due to the lack of generational change. It is a sustainable model of creating value, first ethically and then economically, capable of restoring dignity and pride to marginalised social groups.