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“Intrecci di vita 2.0” project kicks off


Promoting the social and labor insertion of women in situations of fragility through the recovery of the ancient Calabrian textile tradition in the villages of Squillace and Girifalco: this is the ambitious goal that with the "Intrecci di vita 2.0" project, the Spazio Aperto Association aims to achieve thanks to a path that it has launched in recent days and that will last two years. The project, financed thanks to the call for proposals "Nel cuore del Sud" promoted by the Fondazione con il Sud and Enel Cuore, the Enel Group's Onlus, aims among its objectives to promote the social and labor insertion of people with fragility or at risk of marginality, deviance and social hardship, through the activation of pathways to autonomy, leveraging local vocations and excellence and encouraging the recovery of traditional trades at risk of disappearance, opportunely integrated and innovated through the use of new technologies and suitable tools.

The interventions, as required by the call, must insist in municipalities included in the "inland areas" of the regions of Southern Italy, and for the realization of the path the Association intended to start a partnership with the municipalities of Squillace and Girifalco as well as with Fondazione Città Solidale Onlus, AMA Calabria, Azienda regionale per lo sviluppo dell'agricoltura calabrese-ARSAC Calabria, Cooperativa Tra Cielo e Terra, Vitambiente Associazione Promozione Sociale, Universochiara Laboratorio Tessile Artigianale, in order to achieve the specific goal of offering women in difficult conditions a prospect of employment and regaining their autonomy. To support this path, the project includes the construction of networks for the enhancement of the Calabrian agro-textile supply chain and a protocol for the recycling of used clothes that will help activate local development processes through artisanal textiles in an innovative and sustainable way, as well as the promotion of thematic workshops.