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Inauguration of ASSO.COM project with Enel Cuore


A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held today to inaugurate ASSO.COM, the experimental project designed and implemented according to the specific needs of people with Prader Willi syndrome, promoted to be replicated in other contexts in the future. A unique and sustainable model, replicable at every stage, which was made possible thanks to the support of Enel Cuore, the Enel Group's onlus that supports projects and initiatives with a strong impact on communities and the territory.

The first “house” that opened its doors to kick off the ASSO.COM project is located in Asso in Lombardy, the region where the association that devised and promoted the ambitious project for users of all ages with Prader Willi syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that causes eating and behavioural problems.

The aim of the project is to foster the autonomy and social integration of these people by allowing them to engage in various activities, such as sports, art, music and recreation, thus spontaneously promoting socialisation and inclusion.

It is on the thread of this awareness that the Lab-experiences are born, based on playfulness, emotional involvement, sharing and motivation: the Closlieu workshop, equipped according to the Arno Stern method, a magical room where colour and instinct unleash creativity and inspire dazzling gestures of painting; an equipped gymnasium promotes bodily movement and fun through sport; the DIY workshop where handicrafts promote solidarity fund-raising actions (such as solidarity favours) a photography workshop, where you can discover new plays of light; a honey extraction workshop, where you can get to know the fascinating world of bees and learn to respect these beings, so small and so indispensable to our planet; the vegetable garden, the green workshop where you can grow seedlings, seeds and, why not, even new friends! Finally, the surrounding landscape offers interesting and healthy open-air excursions thanks to the beauty of the natural surroundings.

The project is designed to satisfy all members on a rotating basis, divided by age group, from the youngest (0 -11 years) to the oldest (12 years and up). A typical day will be marked by a rich and varied proposal, thanks to the Lab experiences provided.

Training weekends, also aimed at the parents of the youngest children, will alternate with short stays and summer weeks, according to ad-hoc formulas for each age group and working group, led by a dedicated team of experts.

The ASSO.COM project represents an important step forward in promoting the independence and social integration of people with Prader Willi syndrome, but also aims to raise awareness of the difficulties these people face in their daily lives, offering support and opportunities for relief, which are not easy to find, even for family carers.

The Prader Willi Lombardia Association has been working in the Lombardy region for 30 years and is now an important reference point for the national and international association network.

"Thanks to the invaluable support of Enel Cuore, we have succeeded in realising our most ambitious project, a dream that we can now call reality...a completely renovated house hosting up to ten people who will be involved in innovative experiential formulas in the name of fun and being together. Summer camps, excursions, sports tournaments, art workshops, pet therapy and much more are offered to learn new skills, improve autonomy while making new friends! A unique and innovative formula in the field of social utility that would not have been possible without Enel Cuore" commented Alberto Vezzoli, President of the Prader Willi Lombardia ODV Association.