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Enel Cuore and Italian Red Cross inaugurate the new Social Help desk in Civitavecchia


22nd of May 2023, Civitavecchia, Rome - One hundred new Social Help desks opened all over the country and the Italian Red Cross Street Unit service in Rome, Naples, Palermo, Bari and Cagliari has been strengthened in order to be increasingly at the side of people in difficulty. This is the commitment of Italian Red Cross and Enel Cuore, the Enel Group non-profit organisation, in the “CRI per il Sociale” project born during the pandemic and is more relevant today than ever, considering the deterioration of the socio-economic situation of families and the fragile condition of hundreds of homeless people living on the outskirts of cities.

Today, one of the new Social Help desks has been inaugurated in Civitavecchia, during an event involving Deborah Zacchei, Councillor for Social Policies, Roberta Fusacchia, Director of the Italian Red Cross's Programmes and Associative Development Area, Roberto Petteruti, President of the Civitavecchia Italian Red Cross Committee, and Angelica Carnelos, General Secretary of Enel Cuore.

“The pandemic had and still has serious consequences in the lives of thousands of people and families. - underlines Rosario Valastro, President of Italian Red Cross - Through this project realised with Enel Cuore, we actually increase our presence on the ground and our commitment to those who live in difficult conditions, precisely because of the effects of Covid-19. Italian Red Cross volunteers will once again be there to make the difference facing fragility, poverty and situations of need”.

There are almost sixty thousand people who have turned to a Italian Red Cross Social Help desk since March 2022. Of these 64% are women. Most of them are destitute, mostly unemployed, in some cases disabled. 92% of them receive constant support over time, a minimum of once a month for more than six months a year.


The Social Help desks

Located in 11 regions of our country, the Italian Red Cross Social Help desks represent not only a point of first contact with the most vulnerable segments of the population, but above all a safe place where people can find a listening ear, welcome and concrete support: from orientation to local services or economic aid, through the distribution of basic necessities, to psychological support for all people experiencing moments of difficulty.


The Street Units

They are the Italian Red Cross “mobile sentinels” on the national territory, capable of intercepting the most hidden fragilities and needs of thousands of people living on the margins of cities. In addition to food and warm drinks, almost 3,000 personal hygiene kits and blankets were distributed thanks to the support of Enel Cuore Onlus. But the commitment of Italian Red Cross volunteers goes beyond this: they carry out social and health support activities and work on the active listening and reintegration needs of people, with the aim of supporting paths of inclusion and guaranteeing concrete support to those who do not even have a home.