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Albergo Etico, a birthday under the sign of peace

Saturday, June 17 and Sunday, June 18, a two-day celebration all together.


On June 18th, Albergo Etico will celebrate its eighth anniversary. On this occasion, a two-day event will take place on Saturday, June 17th, and Sunday, June 18th, at Via Don Isnardi 11, in the renewed headquarters of Albergo Etico. The project will have a space to grow and expand, further pursuing its goals of autonomy and work integration for people with disabilities. The new building provides larger and refurbished premises, in line with the principles of hospitality that Albergo Etico has always embraced.

The expanded spaces also mean a strengthening of the core methodology that has made Albergo Etico a replicable model in Italy and around the world, namely the "Accademia dell’Indipendenza" (Academy of Independence). With this premise, the idea is to further reinforce the project and make it more stable, concrete, and replicable, starting from the new headquarters.

The two-day event program will be structured as follows:

On Saturday, the 17th, there will be two important moments of reflection with friends, guests, authorities, all engaged in discussions on two fundamental themes: peace and the culture of social enterprise. A small delegation of students from the "FrollaUp - Social Enterprise" Master program will also be present. In the afternoon, at the Conference Hall of Albergo Etico in Via Isnardi, there will be two main moments.

At 2:30 PM, there will be dialogues on peace with guests including Bishop Marco Prastaro of Asti, Michela Vallarino, President of VIS, some local authorities, and in connection from Kiev, the Italian Ambassador to Ukraine, Min. Pier Francesco Zazo.

Following that, there will be a coffee break organized by the students of Albergo Etico, with the display of the peace flag, planting and blessing of the caco tree, the symbol of Etico.

The afternoon continues at 5 PM with a talk titled "Life Stories, People, and Social Enterprises" featuring guests Renato Quaglia from the Foqus Foundation in Naples, Ugo Bressanello from Domus de Luna in Cagliari, Enrico Venturini, advisor of the Microbiscottificio Frolla in Ancona, and Fabio Ruvolo from the Cooperativa Etnos in Caltanissetta.

The two events will be attended by Alex Toselli, President of the cooperative Download Albergo Etico, and Antonio De Benedetto, President of the Association Albergo Etico Italia. The discussions will be moderated by Paola Severini Melograni, journalist and director of Angelipress.

On Sunday, the 18th, there will be an opening day for the new Accademia dell’Indipendenza in Asti, at the renewed headquarters of Albergo Etico and its park. On this occasion, some outdoor activities will be organized in the park of Albergo Etico, including workshops and guided tours of the Accademia dell’Indipendenza with the special staff of Etico.

The event will be open to the public as it aims to reach and involve a larger number of people to convey an important social message. As Alex Toselli, President of the cooperative Download Albergo Etico, explains: "Albergo Etico's project is now a consolidated reality in the inclusion of people with disabilities, providing a context of real inclusion that allows them to express their talents and abilities. Our duty is to continue in this direction and offer them new opportunities. When we first envisioned Albergo Etico, we hoped it could be a successful process, a response, because the hotel is the home for all of us. It teaches us to welcome others without knowing them beforehand, to respect schedules, to interact, and to take care of ourselves and others. Today, Albergo Etico is all this and much more. It is a family in which everyone tries every day, each in their own territory, to respond to enormous problems, with a strong pact of alliance with families as an integral part of our strength because the project always aims for autonomy and independence. We will celebrate all this on June 17th and 18th at the headquarters in Asti, where everything started, with a grand event centered around the presentation of the new Accademia dell’Indipendenza and stories of success from some of the entities that Albergo Etico has collaborated with over the years, as barriers need to be shattered, and to do so effectively, we must all move forward together, perhaps slowing down, but together. In this regard, I want to thank our partners and foundations for their support, especially the Cassa di Risparmio di Asti Foundation and Enel Cuore."

Antonio De Benedetto, President of the Association Albergo Etico Italia, shares the following words: "The times we live in are often focused on the superficial, mediated by technology, forgetting the importance of being together and the depth of life, of the little big things. Here at Albergo Etico, we celebrate every achievement, every barrier overcome, convinced that life should always be celebrated. On the occasion of the eighth-anniversary celebrations of Albergo Etico, I am pleased about our participation in the "Kaki Tree Project - The Rebirth of Time," an artistic project through which people can learn the importance of peace and life. The story goes like this: in 1945, in Nagasaki, a persimmon tree miraculously survived the atomic bombing, and since the persimmon tree, being the last to bear fruit, is the symbol of Albergo Etico, on Saturday, the 17th, we will plant a second-generation persimmon tree in the garden of the new Accademia dell’Indipendenza in Asti, born from that mother plant that survived the atomic bombing. Long live life and peace."