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Teen Lab, the daily educative center for the teenagers of the CAF Association, has renewed spaces and improved services

Enel Cuore Onlus together with CAF Association to help teenagers in difficulty.


Improved educational activities and a beautiful totally renovated covered terrace are at the Centre's disposal, to expand the spaces for the young people and allow the numerous educational activities to take place during the summer period as well.

During the Open Day of the 10th of June, the activities of the service hub that the CAF Association has dedicated to the teenagers in difficulty living in Milan and neighbouring municipalities were presented to the public. Inside the building of 65 Zurich Street there are two Residential Communities for people from 12 to 18 years old who have been separated from their families by decree of the Juvenile Court as victims of abuse and serious mistreatment, and a Daily Educative Center created to fight school drop-out and juvenile deviance.

Within the Teen and Teen2 Communities, the CAF Association looks after 15 young people between the ages of 12 and 18, who have been taken away from their families because they have been victims of neglect, abuse and serious physical and psychological mistreatment, and who are welcomed and cared in a professional manner by experienced educators with the aim of offering them new and more serene prospects for growth.

Thanks to Enel Cuore contribution, the non-profit organisation of Enel Group, it has been possible to relaunch and support the reopening of Teen Lab after the almost three-year closure imposed by the pandemic.

“For our Association, work with adolescents is one of the pillars of the help offered to children in difficulty. - explains Patrizia Mascia, psychologist and clinical contact person of the area 12-21 of the CAF Association - This help became even more necessary after Covid due to an increase in the distress of this particular target group, which faced a sudden and prolonged state of isolation, with a consequent increase in depressive/anxiety problems and a sharp rise in school drop-outs. This isolation, which has severely penalised adolescents' sociability, has in fact led not only to a recourse to new forms of virtual contact between peers, but also to a detachment of young people from the school environment, which has always been one of the most important social contexts for this age group. Welcoming and helping devices such as our Day Education Centre, therefore, are more fundamental than ever both to allow the children to resume and normalise their interpersonal relationships and to facilitate their reintegration into the school circuit.

Thanks to the help of Enel Cuore Teen Lab’s activities were able to resume regularly, with increased educational support for schools, a significantly enriched programme of recreational activities compared to the past, and new beautiful outdoor spaces available to the children.

CAF Association is a Third Sector organisation that for over forty years has been specifically and professionally welcoming and caring for children and young people removed from their families due to abuse and serious maltreatment, with the aim of breaking the chain that still too often turns minors victims of violence into violent or neglectful adults. Over time, in addition to its work with minors and in response to the needs of the territory, the CAF Association has also developed specific services for the prevention of child abuse and mistreatment and support interventions for the fragile families of the minors taken in and for foster families. Since its foundation until now, CAF Association has taken in and cared for over 1,000 minors.