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Intrecci di vita 2.0: Activity gets into full swing with the start of courses on textile art


 The activity of the project "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" carried out by the Spazio Aperto Association in partnership with the municipalities of Squillace and Girifalco, as well as with the Fondazione Città Solidale Onlus, AMA Calabria, Arsac Calabria, Tra Cielo e Terra, Vitambiente, and Universochiara, thanks to the support of the Fondazione CON IL SUD and Enel Cuore Onlus through the "Nel cuore del Sud" call for proposals, is now in full swing with the start of courses on textile art.

In the past few days, the courses for women who have chosen to participate in the project and embark on this journey to gain new job opportunities through the rediscovery of textile art have been launched at the Ama Calabria headquarters in Squillace. The course provides an overview of the history and evolution of various fibers used in the production of common garments. During the first week, after an initial approach to materials knowledge, the course continued by addressing finishing and garment assembly topics.

In the third week of July, the basic weaving course will take place, covering warp calculation, basic 8-shaft interlacements, and international terminology, at the Centro sperimentale dimostrativo dell’Arsac in Lamezia Terme. Also at the Arsac headquarters in Lamezia, there will be courses on double fabrics, honeycomb fabrics, and dyeing and printing techniques for textiles. The educational path will then conclude in Squillace, where participants will deepen their understanding of garment assembly. Notably, participants will also be introduced to the use of a loom, an essential tool for manufacturing artifacts, which is both ancient, dating back several centuries, and modern as it still enables the creation of high-quality garments. These courses represent only the first step of an ambitious journey aimed at providing the participating women with a second professional opportunity and, above all, helping them regain their personal autonomy through counseling and psychological support activities planned within the project.

Each stage of this journey will be showcased on the platform www.intreccidivita.it, the website that not only explains the project's mission but also serves as a repository for all the activities that will take place within it. Interested individuals can interact with the project's promoters and find out more about "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" through the social media channels of Facebook and Instagram.