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"I Live Here" - The Primary School of Panicale experiments with the "scattered school.

On December 21st, the presentation of the new classrooms furnished according to the principles of "collaborative learning." Project supported by Enel Cuore Onlus.


On December 11th in Panicale - "I Live Here: Thinking with Hands" is the name of the project being implemented by the Primary School of Panicale, thanks in part to the support of Enel Cuore, the non-profit organization of the Enel Group. The project is inspired by the pedagogical model of teacher Loris Malaguzzi and has as its basic principles the environment as the 'third educator' and the idea of a school spread throughout the territory.

Among the innovative actions implemented are multiple permanent laboratory activities, some of which are already activated, allowing students to 'know and tell the environment with the hundred languages of children,' and educational spaces completely renovated in furnishings, transforming into settings oriented towards collaborative learning.

The presentation of the "I Live Here" project and the new functional furnishings of the Panicale school will take place on Thursday, December 21, during an event promoted by the Panicale-Piegaro-Paciano Comprehensive Institute, Enel Cuore Onlus, and Papaveri Rossi Cooperative.

The day's program includes a greeting from authorities at 3:00 PM with the presence of the school principal Aurelia Brita, Panicale Mayor Giulio Cherubini, representatives of Enel Cuore Onlus, and Papaveri Rossi. This will be followed by the inauguration of the furnishings with a visit to the classrooms.

At 4:00 PM in Piazza Umberto I, Santa Claus is expected to arrive with the delivery of gifts to the children, while at 5:30 PM in the Collegiate Church of San Michele Arcangelo, the school choir will perform the concert "Sounds and Words of My Land," with an interlude by the Trasimeno Music School. The same concert will be repeated at 9:00 PM.