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"Intrecci di Vita 2.0" presents the weaving workshop: a dive into Calabrian tradition and art


On Thursday, February 15th, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the AMA Calabria workshop in Squillace, the first workshop on textile craftsmanship will take place as part of the "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" project, with the support of Fondazione Con il Sud and Enel Cuore, the non-profit organization of the Enel Group. The protagonists will be children aged 6 to 10, students from the primary school of Montepaone, who will be introduced to the art of weaving. An opportunity to learn about the manual loom and discover the traditions of the Calabrian territory.

Women in fragile conditions, recipients of the INTRECCI DI VITA 2.0 project, who are learning to weave and will start paid internships at the main textile artisanal realities in the area from March onwards, will also be present.

An engaging and stimulating experience

The "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" project is promoted by the Spazio Aperto ODV Association, as the lead organization, in partnership with the Regional Agency for the Development of Calabrian Agriculture – ARSAC, the Municipalities of Girifalco and Squillace, Fondazione Città Solidale, Cooperativa “Tra Cielo e Terra”, AMA Calabria, Vitambiente APS, and the artisanal textile laboratory Universochiara by Chiara Pirroncello. The project promotes the social and work inclusion of women in fragile situations through the recovery, in a modern key, of the ancient Calabrian textile tradition in the villages of Squillace and Girifalco.

Children, accompanied by their teachers and the project team, will have the opportunity to observe the work carried out on the loom, a typical instrument of our tradition, thus learning about the various phases of weaving, the materials used, and experiencing firsthand the art of weaving.

The workshop of the "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" project represents an educational and engaging experience for children, who will witness the creation of small artifacts.

An opportunity to enhance local traditions

The initiative also represents an important opportunity to enhance local traditions related to weaving, an ancient art that risks being forgotten. The "Intrecci di Vita 2.0" project aims to promote Calabrian culture and traditions through various initiatives, including educational workshops, exhibitions, and conferences. The workshop is a concrete example of how the project can involve the younger generations and transmit to them the knowledge of the cultural heritage of their territory.