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Mobile support centre for the victims of cyberbullying

Mobile support centre for the victims of cyberbullying

A “travelling” consultancy service designed to raise awareness among students, teachers and families about how to react to cases of cyberbullying


Cyberbullying is a relatively recent phenomenon but one that is becoming increasingly common and difficult to tackle. Indeed, when compared to traditional forms of bullying, there is a lack of knowledge and tools available for adults – both parents and educators – when it comes to how to implement the most appropriate behaviour to prevent it. Often there might be difficulties due to the threats’ lack of a spatial or temporal reference, or the limited awareness that young people have about sharing personal material on social media, not to mention the crimes and misdemeanours that can be found on the web.

The latest research confirms the reluctance of youngsters to turn to adults in order to tackle cases of cyberbullying – not only parents but also teachers or the police – meaning that they tend to keep knowledge of episodes of bullying within their peer group, thereby making the victim even more defenceless and exposed to attacks.

In order to raise awareness among adults and young people and to offer tools to tackle this phenomenon, MOIGE (The Italian Parents’ Movement, a non-profit organisation) has launched the project “Centro Mobile di sostegno e supporto per le vittime del cyberbullismo” (Mobile support centre for victims of cyberbullying). The project involves a camper van specially fitted out with multi-functional spaces, including a small clinic in which professional operators can organise consultations or awareness- raising activities. The mobile nature of the project means that it will be able to reach youngsters by embarking on a tour of schools throughout the country.

The aim of the initiative is to encourage young people to reflect on the consequences, but above all the motivations that lead to the phenomenon, of bullying and cyberbullying of their classmates. All this is under the expert guidance of the highly qualified psychologists of MOIGE’s anti-bullying task force.



Location: all of Italy

Association: MOIGE – Movimento Italiano Genitori Onlus

Planned beneficiaries: 120,000 students, teachers and parents

Total contribution destined for the organisation: 150,000 euro

Year/Duration: 2017