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THE BRIDGE – Un Ponte per Lampedusa

THE BRIDGE – Un Ponte per Lampedusa

A football field becomes a space for social inclusion: Enel Cuore supports a project to foster social integration and inclusion between local residents and migrants on the island of Lampedusa


We know sport can be an engine of social integration and unity. And we know the social fabric on the island of Lampedusa has been stretched thin in recent years, due to the activities required to welcome migrants. Now, a football field promises to bring everyone together.

The BRIDGE - Un Ponte per Lampedusa was launched to create a stadium for all residents to use as a driver for integration. Designed to provide local associations with a place to host sports and social activities for children and adolescents to encourage inclusion, the structure is available to the community year-round, also for students’ after-school activities, local team games, football training for children and initiatives for young migrants.

We have committed to promoting and supporting social activities and projects that aim to improve integration and the overall conditions in the territory of Lampedusa since 2013, when the numerous arrivals of boats carrying migrants to the island created a real emergency. We have supported this specific project by cooperating with non-profit organisations and in particular with Trust B solidale ONLUS, which proposed the initiative. The project not only meets the guidelines we follow in our selection process, but is also aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that Enel supports, and in particular SDG#4 Quality Education and SDG#16 Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions.

The structure’s first part was built in just four months since laying the first stone on 7 June 2017; it included a cutting-edge field with a hybrid grass pitch (a mix of natural and synthetic grass) that can be irrigated with brackish water and, therefore, does not affect the island’s water reserves.

During the second phase of the project, lighting was added as well as a photovoltaic system to meet the structure’s energy needs, a covered seating area and an additional changing room, plus a solar heating system.

The Italian Footballers’ Association (Associazione Italiana Calciatori) and its non-profit Aic ONLUS, and the Lega Nazionale Professionisti B shared with us the values of the project and contributed to the successful outcome of THE BRIDGE.



Location: Lampedusa (Agrigento)

Association: Trust B Solidale ONLUS

Beneficiaries: Entire community

Contribution: €300,000

Year/Duration: 2017