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New Ambulance Project

New Ambulance Project

Enel Cuore has funded the purchase of a new ambulance for the Croce Verde voluntary service in Bosisio Parini, in the province of Lecco


Croce Verde Bosisio A.P. is a volunteer association that has been providing assistance to sick and injured people in the province of Lecco since 1970.

The non-profit organisation serves an area consisting of 18 municipalities in the province of Lecco its volunteers, all local residents, respond to thousands of health-related emergencies each year. Their activities range from transporting patients with less serious conditions, who require continuing care, to providing on-site first aid service during cultural and sports events, all the way to assisting elderly people in need.

More than two thousand volunteers have made a crucial contribution to ensure medical assistance service is available in emergency situations (including civil protection scenarios), spread health education – for example training new volunteers, or teaching people in the local community how to use a defibrillator – and provide information about first aid assistance.

A new Croce Verde operations centre was recently inaugurated and, for the occasion, the organisation was presented with a new ambulance, which was purchased in part thanks to Enel Cuore’s contribution. The aim was to improve the assistance service and to increase the number of health-related services made available to local residents, including the transportation of young patients admitted to the “La Nostra Famiglia” rehabilitation centre.



Location: Bosisio Parini (Lecco)

Association: Croce Verde Bosisio AP

Expected beneficiaries: the entire community

Total contribution made to the association: €55,300

Year/Duration: 2017