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Enel for Mexico

Enel for Mexico

A project to support the population in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated the country in 2017


Enel for Mexico is a project we are backing to provide support and funds to the people of Mexico in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated the country in 2017.  

Between 3 October and 6 November 2017, a collection was held within the Enel Group with employees contributing to raise funds to invest in socially beneficial projects to be implemented on the ground.

The funds collected were used, amongst other things, to rebuild and repair schools damaged by the earthquake, as part of an AVSI project.

Created in 1972, AVSI is a non-profit foundation that carries out development cooperation and humanitarian aid projects in 32 nations across the world, with the help of a network of 34 organisations and over 700 partners.  

In Mexico, AVSI has implemented several projects including the building of new classrooms for the El Espinal school, in the State of Oaxaca, which was seriously damaged by the earthquake. The aim, of course, is to help families bring back a semblance of normality to their lives as quickly as possible.



Location: Mexico

Association: AVSI Foundation

Estimated beneficiaries: 1,471 students and communities

Enel’s total scheduled contribution: 245,000 euro

Year/Duration: 2018