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The projects of the Never Alone call for proposals

The projects of the Never Alone call for proposals

Find out more about the eight initiatives financed in 2018


Eight projects have been selected from the NEVER ALONE 2018 national call, which is supported by Enel Cuore alongside other Foundations and Third Sector associations. Eight plans that prominently feature public-private partnerships in the implementation of initiatives for the reception and support of unaccompanied minors and young adults who come to Italy alone.

The 8 projects funded under the 2018 Never Alone Call ended in 2022, find out more about the results achieved.


"Saama" means "tomorrow" in the Mandinka language of West Africa. SAAMA – Strategie di Accompagnamento all’Autonomia per Minori Accolti ("Strategies of Guidance to Autonomy for Hosted Minors") was established with the precise objective of ensuring a future that welcomes and embraces the young migrants who have arrived in Italy alone. The project was developed through the alliance of 13 private and public bodies in order to create initiatives aimed at unaccompanied migrant girls and boys aged between 15 and 21 with the goal of enabling them to give full expression to their talents and skills.

The project is based on four pillars: a reception system capable of acting as an educating community, sharing information, methods and work tools; the definition and transfer of good practices adapted to territorial settings when different to those of origin; the development of models of informal learning that aim to bring forth, promote and grow the skills of these youngsters and create opportunities for socialisation to strengthen their links to the territory beginning with the labour market and peer groups; and the implementation of communication initiatives to encourage and promote social models based on sharing, exchange and reciprocal growth.



Location: Agrigento, Marsala (province of Trapani), Palermo

Association: SEND

Beneficiaries: 310 (estimated)

Contribution: 445,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 36 months

The Oxfam Italia Integrazione per il futuro: Strada Facendo verso l’autonomia di minori e giovani stranieri che arrivano in Italia soli ("Integration for the future – 'Strada Facendo' walking towards life autonomy for foreign minors and young adults who have arrived in Italy alone") project positions itself in continuity with the "Strada Facendo" national plan (2017-2020). Through an inclusive, integrated and shared approach, it tackles the main problem areas linked to the reception system for unaccompanied minors: labour autonomy, access to adequate professional training, socio-cultural inclusion and housing rights.

The emphasis of the project falls on the word future, intended both in the short term, by facilitating leaving the host community, and in the long term, by promoting the development of inclusive communities able to meet the needs of the young adults and where each individual shares responsibility and participation.

The project pathway is articulated through various integrated actions, with training initiatives on rights and duties in the workplace, specialised language courses, training modules specifically tailored to the characteristics of the local context; plus the option of extra-curricular apprenticeships and support in finding housing.



Location: Augusta, Catania, Florence, Messina, Milan, Syracuse

Association: Oxfam Italia Intercultura Società Cooperativa Sociale di Tipo A Onlus

Beneficiaries: 120 estimated

Contribution: 445,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 36 months

The Le rotte del gusto - Accompagnamento all’autonomia dei MSNA tramite percorsi di presa in carico integrata ("The Routes of Taste - Achievement of Unaccompanied Children’s Autonomy Through Integrated Temporary Guardianship") project is following in the wake of the positive experience of Turin’s Gelateria Popolare+ with the aim of supporting the inclusion of young migrants by teaching them to become ice cream makers.

Through the creation of a franchising brand, adaptable to the specific requirements of individual territories, the minors are involved in training and apprenticeships. Independent housing is promoted as a starting point rather than the final objective of a process through the adoption of the "Housing First (HF)" model.

At the same time, the project promotes language training and social inclusion: through the project the young people have the chance to progressively integrate into their community of reference and to feel an active part of it.



Location: Naples, Palermo

Association: Società Cooperativa sociale Progetto Tenda

Beneficiaries: 50 estimated

Contribution: 442,000 euros

Year/Duration: March 2019 / 30 months

P.O.P.E.Y.E. Pathway of Orientation for Promoting and Enhancing Youth Employment is an initiative that encourages the social, relational and labour inclusion of young people who came to Italy as unaccompanied minors and are hosted in the reception structures in the Campania region.

Through four multicultural orientation centres in the provinces of Caserta, Naples, Avellino and Salerno, tutors and educators guide the young adults along complementary, parallel pathways that address job orientation, social and relational inclusion and independent housing.

Support is articulated in a multidimensional approach with interventions tailored to encourage independence, job orientation and cultural, social and linguistic inclusion dovetailing with regional policies for labour integration and linking the services offered by partners with those of the territorial actors and stakeholders in a network.



Location: Caserta, Naples, Avellino, Salerno

Association: La Rada Consorzio di Cooperative Sociali S.C.S.

Beneficiaries: 400 estimated

Contribution: 440,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 26 months

Leading the Xing – Crossing: Percorsi di inserimento per giovani migranti ("Crossing: Inclusion Projects for Young Migrants") project is Programma integra s.c.s. in partnership with Save the Children Italia, Municipality of Turin, Esserci, Cooperativa Civico Zero, Associazione Centro Astalli, Prospettiva and CIR – Consiglio Italiano per i Rifugiati (Italian Council for Refugees).

It supports the employment and social inclusion of unaccompanied minors and young adults (17-21 years) hosted in Rome, Turin and Catania through an approach that works to provide a comprehensive response to the minors’ training and workplace requirements, interacting with the reception systems already active in these locations.

The implementation of the project outlines the adoption of a common methodological approach to define pathways for social inclusion and introduction into the workforce, with the aim of promoting the skills, talents and previous work experience of the young adults to enable them to take up opportunities offered by the labour market and avoid exploitative employment scenarios.

This approach is articulated through pathways that include literacy courses, skills evaluations, professional development plans, empowerment and coaching workshops and orientation for housing autonomy.



Location: Catania, Rome, Turin

Association: Programma integra s.c.s.

Beneficiaries: 800 estimated

Contribution: 435,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 24 months

The goals of WORK IN PROGRESS: Transizioni per la cittadinanza ("Transitions to Citizenship"), an initiative specifically for unaccompanied foreign minors in the Milan area, are to help the youngsters to grow and to achieve independence through employment, housing and social inclusion, providing young adults with the necessary tools to prepare for a positive future following the end of their time in reception facilities.

By linking the competencies of various institutions in a network, the project promotes a public/private, non-profit/profit system placing the minor at its centre and accompanying the young adult along the delicate path towards social maturity.

The initiative includes professional and linguistic "on the job" training, a focus on the intersection between the supply and demand for labour, activation of good practices to tackle high living costs caused mainly by the expense of housing and the development of a network of individual relationships and acquaintances. This phase of the pathway includes the involvement of Italian peer groups to support and stimulate the inclusion of young migrants.



Location: Milan

Association: Centro Ambrosiano di Solidarietà Onlus - CEAS

Beneficiaries: 160 estimated

Contribution: 430,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 30 months

Doman Ansema, which means "Tomorrow Together" in Piedmont dialect, is a project active in several municipalities of the Valle di Susa, an area which is unusual for its hosting figures of 0.77 unaccompanied minors to every 1,000 inhabitants, significantly above the national average (0.3).

The goal is to facilitate the employment and social inclusion of the young foreign residents based on their individual needs and aspirations within this specific context where the involvement of the local communities is a key factor in assisting them to become independent and establish a settled, rooted life in the region.

The project includes activities of social and relational inclusion (through workshops with high schools, inclusion in meeting groups, meeting with workers from the territory, active volunteers, events); linguistic and cultural inclusion (using technology to share individual job training projects, boosting access to language learning, participating in cultural activities in the territory, strengthening social support); employment facilitation (evaluation of skills, matching with needs of companies, on-the-job training, new training pathways, apprenticeships, support for independent entrepreneurship) and orientation for housing autonomy (information and training about rights, duties and policies for housing autonomy, test runs of supported autonomy).



Location: Bussoleno, Oulx, Rubiana, Salbertrand, Susa

Association: P.G. Frassati scs Onlus

Beneficiaries: 90 estimated

Contribution: 305,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 30 months

The Inclusive Zone. Promuovere l'inclusione socio-lavorativa dei MSNA nell'area metropolitana fiorentina ("Promoting the employment and social inclusion of unaccompanied children in the Florentine metropolitan area") project proposes pathways and activities designed to foster the growth, inclusion and gradual independence of young migrants in the Scandicci municipality in the province of Florence.

The activities focus around Ginger, a public space in the centre of Scandicci where social, cultural and job placement projects can be planned and implemented. The project features participation from those members of civil and productive society already oriented to the themes of reception and inclusion and aims to raise awareness among less informed members of the community, thereby promoting reciprocal development and growth for all the players involved.

The project is tailored to the take-up of a "comprehensive" approach which translates into activities and personalised, inclusive pathways for the young beneficiaries, thereby reducing the time required for transition from a condition of vulnerability to one of social and economic autonomy. This, therefore, aims to encourage bi-directionality in the integration processes and the consequent positive effects on host communities. Encouraging the meeting of peer groups in particular promotes mutual individual growth through the exchange of ideas.



Location: Scandicci (Province of Florence)

Association: COSPE - Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti

Beneficiaries: 40 estimated

Contribution: 258,000 euros

Year/Duration: April 2019 / 36 months