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“Family Hospitality” at the Anna Meyer Paediatric Hospital

“Family Hospitality” at the Anna Meyer Paediatric Hospital

Supporting the families of young patients at the children’s hospital in Florence


One of Enel Cuore’s priority commitments is to help families stay close to hospitalised children during an illness, providing support to parents, brothers and sisters. Because together we are stronger, particularly when it comes to dealing with serious health conditions or long hospital stays.

This is why we support the Family Hospitality Service project by the Anna Meyer Paediatric Hospital Foundation, helping young patients’ families, and particularly those struggling financially, by guaranteeing close relatives of the children hospitalised in Florence free accommodation in selected facilities throughout 2019.

This is our way of offering these families support and of reducing their distress as much as possible, as they require special help to face the strain of long hospital stays, caused by their children’s delicate health situation, life away from their regular environment, and inevitable financial pressure.

The accommodation is managed by the Hospitality Service, which analyses individual needs and offers each family the most suitable solution – following the input of the Hospital’s own services and taking into account recovery time and treatment instructions.

Families are welcomed in Accommodation Centres with both private bedrooms and shared spaces, or in small independent studio or two-room apartments.



Location: Florence

Association: Anna Meyer Paediatric Hospital Foundation

Beneficiaries: 2,025

Contribution: 300,000 euro

Year/Duration: 2018/all of 2019