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“Oasi del Cervo e della Luna” project

“Oasi del Cervo e della Luna” project

Safeguarding biodiversity as a path to growth for disadvantaged young adults


The “Oasi del Cervo e della Luna” (The Deer and Moon Oasis) project was set up in order to enhance the visitor experience at the WWF Oasis in Monte Arcosu, Sardinia by adding an innovative pathway and new services. The Oasis is one of Italy’s largest  nature reserves.

The project is also a way of transforming the protection of the local area and its biodiversity into an opportunity for growth and development. With this in mind, Enel Cuore is working with Fondazione Domus de Luna Onlus (a non-profit organisation) to raise awareness of - and increase visitor involvement in - nature conservation and care. It has created a number of initiatives, several of which are specially tailored for small kids and schoolchildren.

In so doing, the project has acquired a significant social purpose as it also aims to encourage entry into the workplace for people from disadvantaged backgrounds and social misfits. They include young offenders, foster children, abused mothers, young adults with disabilities and refugees. For them, working at the Oasis is a chance to make a fresh start in life.



Place: Province of Cagliari

Association: Fondazione Domus de Luna Onlus

Contribution:  €786,000

Year/Duration: 2018