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The Salvatore Mancuso Foundation

The Salvatore Mancuso Foundation

A project that strives to remove barriers for the most vulnerable


Removing barriers so that people with disabilities can get to the Integrated Day Centre in Sant’Agata di Militello (province of Messina) without having to rely on friends or family: this was the goal presented to us by Fondazione Avv. Salvatore Mancuso Onlus, which manages the centre, when they reached out to ask us to support the purchase of a minibus. Used to transport people with disabilities and their wheelchairs, the 6-seater bus will allow participants to autonomously get to the centre from their homes.

Enel Cuore wholeheartedly supports the foundation’s mission: indeed, we already supported this third-sector institution in 2016, by contributing to the renovation of the Integrated Day Centre and to the purchase of new furniture and equipment. The centre currently welcomes 20 people between 18 and 50 years of age who have intellectual and relational disabilities; it has educational and recreational areas for social-welfare and social-educational activities. In particular, the centre offers individual recovery plans to encourage individuals’ emotional expressivity and physical wellbeing, and to promote independence and social inclusion.

Fondazione Avv. Salvatore Mancuso Onlus, based in Sant’Agata di Militello, has been working to help vulnerable people, with a special focus on the disabled, elderly and children, since 2005.



Location: Sant’Agata di Militello (ME)

Association: Fondazione Avv. Salvatore Mancuso Onlus

Beneficiaries: 20 people with disabilities

Contribution: €45,000 (2016); up to €61,000 (2019)

Year/Duration: 2016, 2019