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Casa Marzia

Casa Marzia

A residential facility for vulnerable and disadvantaged mothers and children


Drawing on its 30 years of experience in providing assistance to mothers and children in difficult situations, the Fondazione Arché is working on creating a new community facility, known as Casa Marzia (literally, “Marzia’s House), in a peaceful, green area of Rome.

Casa Marzia is a residential community for vulnerable single-parent families faced with particularly difficult situations and it consists of three apartments for semi-independent living projects, a multipurpose hall that’s open to people from the local neighborhood and other rooms for offices and services.

The community can welcome up to six mothers and 14 children into a safe, secure environment. There educators and other staff will support them in overcoming psychosocial and abuse-related problems so that they can rebuild their lives while simultaneously enhancing their relationship and parenting skills.

Enel Cuore and Fondazione Arché first joined forces in 2016 to support CasArché in the Quarto Oggiaro district of Milan and continued their relationship in 2018 with the creation of Corte di Quarto, a social housing and community building. In 2021, we contributed to the renovation and adaptation of the Casa Marzia in the Città Giardino Aniene district in Rome, by supporting the installation of a new electrical system. This continues our commitment to protecting and flanking vulnerable mothers and children as they embark on a path of social reintegration.

The not-for-profit Fondazione Arché was founded in Milan in 1991 in response to the child HIV crisis and has since broadened its scope into humanitarian initiatives of various kinds. It is now present in Milan, Rome and San Benedetto del Tronto, as well as in Zambia and Kenya, where it manages integrated support and residential projects. Its activities focus on local areas, providing accommodation for vulnerable mothers and children in safe, secure facilities, semi-independent housing, employment and training, and hospital and home care with psychosocial and educational support.



Location: Rome

Association: Fondazione Arché

Beneficiaries: very vulnerable mothers and children

Contribution: 90,000 euros

Year: 2021