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S.F.I.D.E. Feminine Health: Inclusion, Rights and Equity

S.F.I.D.E. Feminine Health: Inclusion, Rights and Equity

A project from Emergency to provide healthcare to immigrant women in Naples and Castel Volturno


Recent data demonstrate a growing presence of foreign citizens living in the Italian region of Campania. In particular, many of them are women, who increasingly come to Italy alone to work, or even as refugees, asylum seekers or the victims of exploitation.

They are often in precarious, complex situations, including in terms of healthcare, the exact area in which current responses are often inadequate. In fact, in day hospitals for Temporarily Present Foreigners (STP), the staff members frequently lack the necessary training to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers, and challenges still persist in terms of access to paediatric and gynaecological care.

S.F.I.D.E. Feminine Health: Inclusion, Rights and Equity, a project that we support alongside Emergency, has the goal of improving the social and health conditions of immigrant women and children in need in the provinces of Naples and Caserta, in particular in the day hospitals of the Ponticelli quarter and Castel Volturno.

Taking a multidisciplinary approach, the project provides an integrated healthcare path thanks to the dedication of doctors, nurses and cultural mediators. It therefore offers access to free, high-quality assistance and services, promotes education and prevention in relation to personal health and that of the family, and facilitates integration in the Italian healthcare system by smoothing out the linguistic, cultural and administrative challenges that these patience face.

Since 1994, Emergency has offered free, high-quality medical and surgical treatments to the victims of war, land mines, and poverty, promoting peace, solidarity and respect for human rights. It has operated in Italy since 2006 in support of the most vulnerable populations, many of whom do not have access to the medical treatments they need due to a lack of knowledge of their rights, language barriers, and the inability to navigate a complex healthcare system.


Where: Naples and Castel Volturno

Association: Emergency

Expected beneficiaries: 2,000 women and 300 children (non-Italian nationals)

Total contributions provided to the entity: up to €100,000 

Years: 2021 - 2022