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A Vele Spiegate

A Vele Spiegate

The project organized by the Italian Women’s Centre (C.I.F.) of Metropolitan Milan to support the independence of women affected by violence.


It is possible to leave violent situations behind and combat the silence that surrounds it. This project makes room for women by listening to their stories and becoming a means for their rebirth, both personal and professional. 

A Vele Spiegate is an initiative that not only provides psychological support to women who are survivors of violence, but which also aims to help them return to the labour force, placing them at the centre of a path to independence that will help them realize their potential and accompany them to employment in the world of fashionor sustainable tailoring.

The project was the idea of the Italian Women’s Centre of Metropolitan Milan, an association that has worked in the civic, social and cultural fields since 1946 and which aims to foster fair, supportive democracy and cohabitation that is based on respect for human rights and individual dignity.

The C.I.F. project that we’re supporting is to be launched in collaboration with three partners: the Cerchi d’Acqua Cooperative (a centre whose mission is to end violence and abuse); Spazio 3 R (Riciclo, Ricucio, Riuso) (a sustainable tailoring workshop); and AFOL Metropolitana (a public entity focusing on work and job training in greater Milan).

A Vele Spiegate is divided into three phases. The first is an orientation in which the participants will receive the necessary training to learn more about different companies and entrepreneurship. In the second phase, that of empowerment, they will have the chance to learn basic and advanced dressmaking and tailoring techniques at the sustainable tailoring workshop Spazio 3R. As they learn, they will see true micro-entrepreneurship in action and benefit from job placement as artisan tailors/seamstresses or within companies in the fashion industry.

The programme’s job training activities will be complemented by marketing classes to give participants the opportunity to create their own website and social media marketing so as to launch their business online and promote their professional profile. In addition to these two phases, art therapy workshops will encourage free self-expression and that of one’s emotions and experiences, and a women’s coworking space for the exchange and development of ideas and projects.  But that’s not all: we’ll accompany the participating women through to the very end, with group and individual meetings to reflect together on the evolution of their future. 



Where: Milan

Association: Italian Women’s Centre of Metropolitan Milan

Beneficiaries: 25 women

Contribution: up to €64,787

Dates: November 2021 – April 2023