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Strade Maestre

Strade Maestre

A Treccani’s initiative to overcome the limits of distance learning.


The health emergency caused by Covid pandemic also had a great impact on school and teaching: more than 90% of children and young people around the world have had to leave school.

It was necessary to invest quickly in distance learning and teaching solutions delivered through various channels, especially online platforms, but with the closure of schools the risk of inequality and isolation of the most vulnerable children has increased.

That’s why Fondazione Treccani Cultura, with our support, has given life to Strade Maestre project, with the aim of providing accessibility tools, guaranteeing study assistance and support, providing a schedule of deepening content and preparation for the state exam, develop a digital community for mutual support.

Since 1925 Treccani has been carrying out a very valuable research, protection and innovation of Italian culture, representing a constantly evolving testimony of our identity. With Strade Maestre, together with Treccani, we made tools and contents of Treccani Scuola digital teaching platform available free for all Italian schools. The project has five fundamental objectives, essential to lay the foundations for building a better future for teachers and students.

Inclusion, offering a free study support service that can be used by everyone; Accessibility, thanks to compensatory tools for those with specific reading difficulties; Sharing, with the creation of a community to connect teachers and students from Italy; Collaboration, thanks to collaborative teaching tools for work group; Deepening, through educational paths, videos and lessons streamed by Treccani experts.

In terms of tools, services and content, we implemented: 

  • Online teachers, an area dedicated to online, on demand and free study support, with a calendar and a messaging system for reservations and a virtual classroom for the delivery of lessons by selected tutors; 
  • Collaborative learning with advanced features for the shared management of multimedia documents between students and teachers, thanks to which more users can work simultaneously in real time on the same digital lesson;
  •  Accessibility tools for specific difficulties in reading and learning, in order to promote interactivity and facilitate viewing of the platform and its contents;
  • 10 video lessons held by Treccani experts, associated with multimedia deepening paths;
  • The words of contemporaneity, 100 graphic animation videos to discover the story of 100 words that help students to orient themselves in today’s world;
  • Support the preparation of the State exam through 1000 interactive texts with immediate feedback for remote exercises and evaluation.



Country: Italy

Association: Fondazione Treccani Cultura

Beneficiaries: over 400.000 students and teachers

Contribution: up to 259.300€

Period: May 202 - March 2021