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A square for Milan

A square for Milan

The Piazza dei Mestieri educational project for Lombard youth at risk of dropping out of school.


The "Piazza" as a "laboratory of opportunities" in which orientation, technical-professional training and work accompaniment activities blend with cultural and leisure events, creating a meeting place to which we will contribute by setting up various workshops: a didactic workshop, one dedicated to computer science, others to hairdressing, to bartending, together with the kitchen, the restaurant and the classrooms.

In each of these spaces, Fondazione Piazza dei Mestieri pursues the goal of fighting early school leaving and promoting the inclusion of young people in the labour market, through inclusive educational pathscapable of enhancing each student: their talent, their passions, allowing them to acquire useful skills, including professional ones.

The Foundation has already carried out this mission in the cities of Turin and Catania respectively since 2004 and 2012, preparing young people to work, improving and innovating educational services, paying particular attention to social inclusion policies and the prevention of different forms of juvenile distress.

But what will happen in Milan? The same activities will be put in place in the Lombard capital, focusing on some main features: to promote education, it is essential to have a "beautiful" place where kids can feel inspired and protected and express themselves more freely. This is precisely the key to the Piazza dei Mestieri approach: the students’ active interaction with the space around them through recreational activities and workshops.

The goal is to empower them and make them passionate about what they are doing: to make this involvement more immediate, the Foundation supports the students with "masters", tutors who will facilitate learning, curiosity and an interest that can turn into lasting work. But at the base there is training.

Piazza dei Mestieri offers teaching that comes from experience together with professionals capable of transmitting the passion for their work to young people; in addition, real "tasks" are assigned in the Piazza to put into practice the theoretical notions learned. At the end of this professionalizing and formative path, which can last 2, 3 or 4 years, the student will obtain a professional or ITS diploma.

This training model is what brings many companies to the Piazza dei Mestieri network: the young students immediately put their technical skills into practice by collaborating with each other, with artisans and local services, thus also acquiring all those transversal skills that can be learned only in the field.

And once they enter the labour market, they are followed by a dedicated job center for another two years from the end of the training courses.

We also take care of the enhancement of the kids’ passions in their free time. In the Piazza dei Mestieri there is, in fact, the belief that this "empty" time must be filled in order to structure the identity and personality of each young person through sport, theater, music and other cultural and recreational activities.

A real "square" without borders that unites professionals and students throughout their growth.



City: Milan

Association: Fondazione Piazza dei Mestieri "Marco Andreoni"

Beneficiaries: children, teenagers and families

Contribution: up to 200.000,00 euros

Period: September 2021 – August 2024