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TennistavolOltre Plus

TennistavolOltre Plus

The sport project of the Italian Table Tennis Federation to enhance children with disabilities’ potential.


Boys and girls with disabilities have the right to practice a sporting activity able to enhance their potential. With this goal the Italian Table Tennis Federation has started, with our support, TennistavolOltre Plus, a school inclusion project that pays particular attention to motorial-sports field. 

Italian Table Tennis Federation is the association promoting, organizing and regolamenting the Table Tennis practice in Italy among amateur and those who, with competitive activity, participates in Olympics and Paralympics and develops projects throughout the national territory also for people with disabilities, in which everyone collaborates to learn new disciplines.

Project’s goal is to encourage sports practice in students with disabilities, starting from school lessons up to instill in the children the desire to continue sport activities in their free time, also with competitive activities within sport clubs affiliated to the Federation.

A concrete and engaging initiative that starts from solid educational foundations. Every institute - about 100 of each order and degree from 60 provinces of the entire national territory - will in fact receive a real activity format to follow. The project starts with a presentation event involving students, parents and teachers where Paralympic world testimonials will tell us the importance of their encounter with sports, witnessing how fundamental this activity is for people with disabilities.

The second phase sees all the students involved in table tennis practice: able-bodied students will tutor their mates, establishing a climate of collaboration and cohesion. The third activity is for the teachers who, thanks to a seminar, will learn the psycho-physical benefits derived from motorial exercise and participation in group sports, especially for students with disabilities.



Country: Italy

Association: Italian Table Tennis Federation

Beneficiaries: 1837 students with disabilities

Contribution: up to 80.000€

Period: 2021/2022 school year