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Cime di Rapa 4.0

Cime di Rapa 4.0

The project of social entrepreneurship, inclusion and protection of the biodiversity of the territory Meltemi Vacanze & Resort soc. coop. Impresa Sociale ETS.  

Viviana Scannicchio talks about Cime di Rapa project: watch the video.

What is social entrepreneurship? It’s a new business model aimed at improving the quality of life of people through positive and lasting social change over time. And social entrepreneurship one of the three objectives of Cime di Rapa 4.0 project ideated by Meltemi Impresa Sociale ETS - a company that has been operating in the tourism and catering sector since 2008 - particularly attentive to the work placement of "disadvantaged" young people and adults, as defined by Decree no.17/2017 of the Ministry of Labor and social policies, to which are added Neet, women victims of violence, immigrants, people with disabilities, school dropouts and young people at risk of addiction.

The project we support, with equal funding from Fondazione CON IL SUD, is the evolution of the previous “Food Truck” launched in Puglia in 2018 which - thanks to the collaboration with Ulisse cooking school, with nationally renowned chefs and experts of the sector as agronomists, biologista, chemists - has allowed the initial project to progress up to the creation of the “Cime di Rapa” brand and the opening of 3 restaurants in Puglia and 2 “Food Truck” mobile points.

The management of the entire production chain from the cultivation of the raw material at the partner farms - farmers - to the transformation in the kitchen, thanks to the 600-hour professional qualification "Kitchen Technician", will lead to the opening of two new urban food in Matera and Naples, allowing 14 people to work in the agricultural and restaurant sector. In addition, a self-help desk will be activated to support the beneficiaries in all phases of the project in order to counter the risk of abandonment, actions will be implemented to combat educational poverty such as educational gardens in schools and the farmers network will be expanded to protect the biodiversity of the territory more and more, with over 1,600 varieties of seeds kept and cataloged in the "Food germplasm bank".

These are all the ingredients for a healthy, unique and biodiverse recipe that is the Cime di Rapa 4.0 project.



City: Matera, Naples

Association: Meltemi Impresa Sociale

Intended beneficiaries: 20 people 

Contribution: up to € 500.000

Period: 2022/2025