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Stazione bar&cucina

Stazione bar&cucina

The ethical and social bar where you can find inclusion and conviviality for everyone.


Stazione Bar&Cucina is the new ethical and inclusive refreshment point where some young people with disabilities will work. The objective is to promote social inclusion and enhance diversity; the project is born fromAssociazione Rulli Frulli Lab.

The Association is born to support Banda Rulli Frulli, an educative project combining musical culture, social integration and upcycling. Born like a small experimental experience of Fondazione Scuola di Musica Andreoli, today the project involves about 2.800 children and young people with and without disabilities throughout the Italian territory. The didactic educational method, which involves the use of accessible and self-produced musical instruments with recycled materials, is being studied by Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore of Milan. 

We supported the setting up of Stazione Bar&Cucina which is located in the new Social Hub born from the redevelopment of the Ex Stazione di Finale Emilia, which aims to enclose the existing territorial projects in a physical and meaningful box and to enhance the projects of social and work inclusion. Inside, various projects will be located, some already existing and now consolidated, others designed specifically to complete the offer of this multifunctional place and make it usable by a varied and transversal audience:

  • the Rehearsal Room of the local Banda Rulli Frulli and Rulli FrulliNI, a musical group made up of children aged 6 to 11;
  • the web radio Stazione Rulli, which with its radio program involves high school children of the area;
  • AstroNave Lab, the artisan and socio-occupational workshop for carpentry, materials recovery and furniture restoration, with an adjoining display and sales point for the products made;
  • Multipurpose Room, dedicated to cultural and social activities. 

The bar will also born thanks to the meeting with various realities of the territory which, marrying the values of Stazione Bar&Cucina, will give life to an even greater social cohesion: providing meal subscriptions for companies, collaborating with production companies that will supply top quality raw materials at km 0, up to being able to offer dedicated event catering in the interior spaces and outside the Station.  

All these activities respond to the first goal of the project, that is to value everyone’s abilities and skills, from organizational practices to relational ones, showing the great value of every children; in addition, their presence on the territory will be an important awareness raising action that will involve many communities and families in supporting and welcoming more and more people with disabilities. 

The second goal is achieved thanks to the uniqueness and need for an activity as Stazione Bar&Cucina: in the municipal area there are no meeting places for adolescents and pre-adolescents where they can spend quality time in a positive and educational environment, but with this ethical bar more and more young people, families and children will have a new point of reference where they can not only eat, but spend moments of great value.



City: Finale Emilia

Association: Associazione Rulli Frulli Lab ETS - APS

Intended beneficiaries: children, adolescents, families, people with disabilities

Contribution: up to € 74.000 

Period: April 2021 - April 2022