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Ludoteca Integrata

Ludoteca Integrata

The project by Fondazione Aquilone Onlus to support young people with disabilities in their teenage years.


Adolescence is a very delicate period in which young people begin to experience a broader social and emotional context, interacting in groups. An experience not to take for granted for those with motor or cognitive disabilities. For this reason, Ludoteca Integrata was born in Milan: a project to give young people the opportunity to live common spaces where they can relate through educational figures and above all through an experience as autonomous as possible that leads them to socialize in the most normal, spontaneous and happy way.

The initiative we support is from Fondazione Aquilone Onlus, a social enterprise founded in 1993 that works with voluntary associations and other social organizations to support the elderly, people with disabilities and children and families in difficult situations.

The initiative has multiple goals, for the benefit of the 32 young participants and their families: the space of the playroom wants to be above all a place that can be used by children and parents, where they can have lunch when they leave school and where they can do their homework with the support of specialized personnel and the Social Assistance Auxiliary for children with more difficulties. It will be an organized space where to carry out group training activities that increase in all participants the awareness of being part of a group of peers, where even the less self-sufficient people are able to strengthen their autonomy.

Ludoteca Integrata is and will be a space of real integration between the current participants and young people or adults of the neighborhood who will be able to freely benefit from spaces and services, also becoming a refuge from violence and crime.



Location: Milan

Association: Fondazione Aquilone Onlus

Beneficiaries: 32 boys and girls with disabilities

Total contribution: 25.331 euros

Duration: 1 January 2021 - 31 July 2021